Many details and trifles in life appear to be neglected by us in a bustling urban life. Some people attribute it to the fickle ambience over the whole city. Some think that our passion has been ironed out by invariably tedious life. also some people come to the sensation that they have already been numbed by the fast-paced life.


Is it*** because of fickle ambience? Is it simply because of no passion? Or is it*** because of numbness? Maybe all these contribute a little to the present situation, or maybe none. Actually, in the modern city, what we lack more and more desperately is a heart of consciousness and gratefulness.

  曾经,我也这样认为,认为在这样物欲的城市,开始迷失心的方向,变的麻木,变得没有太多情感。不确定封闭自己的心,是因为害怕孤寂,还是在自我保护,只是不由自主地那样做了。情绪越来越少,笑容越来越少,有人会说我冷冰冰。终于有一天,一次感动,正如我之前文章中提到的,一次幸福的感动,改变了我。 www.sanwen8.com

There was once a time when I also deemed that we began to lose our direction and become numb without too much affection in this material-flooding world. We were not sure whether the reason why we locked tightly our heart was to eliminate loneliness or to protect ourselves. We did it unconsciously with less and less emotion and smile. So someone said that I was awfully icy to others. Not until one day when I was stricken by a sense of gratitude did I totally change myself.


Yes, life needs gratefulness. Gratefulness is not only confined to love, but also to friendship, family bonds, mutual cherishing as well as constant missing each other.

  感动,触动了我内心太多太多的柔软,从来没有如此深刻的感慨,从来没有如此柔软的情怀。正如此刻听着的“kiss the rain”,旋律如此柔和,如此温情,让人如此陶醉,让我忘却了尘世的诸多烦恼。

Gratefulness touches deeply the tenderness of my heart, rendering me ever-profound perception as well as ever-soft emotion. It is like the soft melody of “ kiss the rain”, so tender, so emotional and so fascinating, leaving me out of all the worldly troubles.


In the past never did I feel the great significance of gratefulness. I had been holding that everything about life would become nothing but turn back to dust at the end of life. Maybe at that time I had seen through life and death, thinking that life was running to the end unceasingly regardless of our sentimental sigh. However, it was a momentary matter that I came to realize life should be upheld and maintained by gratefulness. Then our heart will never feel solitary and have the sense of being loved. Only by stretching out our hands can we give the opportunity to others to hold us!


Affection and gratefulness is the source of my inspiration.


A tiny gratefulness can give us a lasting positive mood, which requires our consciousness and gratefulness. Then with a heart of gratefulness, everything turns out to be gorgeous.


Giving and the feeling of being moved give us a sense of happiness. Maybe, it is my perception of life that we need not own a multitude of wealth, but tons of love, not peerless status, but numerous smiles, not the power to control everything, but someone wiling to do for you and miss you.


Yes, god is fair to anyone. When he closes one of your doors, he will open another for you. Even though I just have a window, I can still embrace sunshine, fresh air, beauteous landscapes. Though the eyesight might be somewhat narrow, it is my world after all.


In this world, I am dancing freely, arranging my life delicately, enjoying my self-staying and craziness as well as mutual cherishing with my friends.


Every drop in life composes a marvelous poem that conveys authentic emotions. Choosing to live alone does not necessarily mean we do not expect the coming of love. Falling in love with rain does not mean we do not adore glorious sunshine. Facing everything toughly does not mean we do not hope a warm arm to lean upon.


Every drop in life and every silk of gratefulness direct me to my real heart and mind.

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