The twin sisters 孪生姐妹

  Twins are supposed to be alike, are they not? Well, the twin sisters, lanlan and miaomiao do look alike. Some of the time when they are both dressed up, which is not often, or when they go to the beach, which is not really often either, people recognize the likeness of their features. However, they like very different styles of clothes. lanlan prefer informal clothes, but miaomiao dresses like a model, always wearing the latest fashions.

  They have very similar temperaments in most ways. lanlan does not get angry easily, enjoys being around people of her own age, finds young children a little irritating, and would rather spend time at a party than in a library. In these respects miaomiao feels the same. But miaomiao likes loud music and modern dances, while lanlan finds that nightclubs give her a headache. miaomiao is always with friends, and is a favorite with all the teachers, whereas lanlan prefers to be alone at times, and does not really try to impress her teachers.

  They have tried to live in the same room several times, and even agreed on the color they liked best and the kind of furniture they wanted. but lanlan likes to keep things neat and tidy, while miaomiao acts as if there were a servant around to pick up all the things that get thrown on the floor or over the edge of the chair or into the bathtub. lanlan likes to go to bed early and get up early. in contrast miaomiao does not seem to have any definite habits, often goes to bed very late, and then wants to sleep late the next day when lanlan wants to get the day started.






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