Experience of learning English 学习英语经验

  My friends say that i'm good in english, because i always get good marks in english tests and i have just scored the highest points in the interview. they think i'm a talented girl and i'm clever at english from the beginning.

  But in fact, i'm not a talented girl. i'm just a common girl. i'd like to say something about my experience of learning english.

  I didn't do well in english in the beginning. i started my english course at the age of 10. maybe you can't imagine, i couldn't say a whole sentence at that time. i couldn't catch up with my classmates because of my bad base. having a bad base may be many students' problem. i was sad about it, but i wasn't afraid of it.

  The next summer holiday, i spent almost all of my free time practicing english by listening to the tape and repeating after it. whenever it was, wherever i was, i kept the tape on. i listened carefully and i tried to recite the article.

  Soon, i found i had made a good progress in my english. at least, i could understand what the teacher said in class. then slowly, i could get good marks at times. this taught me a good lesson. that is not to be afraid of setbacks, hard work makes progress. this is the first part of my english learning.

  When i was in grade six and seven, my english was much better than it was. i could always get good marks in tests. my english skills still couldn't compare with the top students in my class. my spoken english was really poor. i got a 'b' in my spoken english at the end of the first term.this showed what i was weak at. i decided to improve it. this was the second part. i knew that study is a process. if i want to improve my spoken english in one or two days, that's impossible. i must spend a long time reading more, listening more, writeing more and talking more.

  The third part is the hardest. english is really important today, so i wanted to make myself excellent. i take an english course called new concept english by myself. maybe you have heard about it. this is a good english course and i learn it by myself. i think it's really important for you to learn how to learn english by yourself. you can try english course or other ways which matches you.i think it's necessary to be outgoing and confident. don't be shy, don't be silent. i want to improve my english skills, so i need to talk and write. this isn't a problem for me, because i'm always confident and like to try. i talk to foreign teachers.

  I have some other advice as well.

  I must say don't be nervous, try to be relaxed when you write articles or talk to foreign teachers or just talk to your english teacher. remember: don't pay too much attention to details when you are talking. if you have some mistakes, that's all right. thinking and talking in english, this creates a wonderful feeling to me. i can see my progresses during these years. i spent many years improving my english and i never give up. so, it's never too late to practice english, from now on.




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