A Trip 一次郊游

   I went to Xiang Shan Park to climb the hill with my friends last winter. It was a good trip at the beginning, but something unexpected happened on the half way. One of my friends got a stomachache and couldn‘t move any longer. One girl tried to phone her mother with her mobile phone, but there was no signal in the mountain area. Luckily, one of us took some medicine for the trip. We asked him to have a rest by the side of the path.Someone took some medicine and let him have it. Then he drank some water. After a while he felt much better and we walked on.We all enjoyed ourselves at the top of the mountain.

  It was very cold and windy, but we still got together at the gate of Xiang Shan Park. Then my friends and I walked toward the top of the mountain. Some boys walked so fast that girls couldn‘t keep up with them. Everyone was happy and excited. Suddenly, there was something wrong with a girl. She got a bad stomachache and couldn‘t walk any more. What should we do?We don‘t know where the hospital was. And nobody took medicine with him. There was only one thing to do that was to let her have a rest by a tree. Just then one of my friends said, “Press the sinus between thumb and index finger.” After a while she felt OK. How great the “doctor” Was! We cheered. So we could walk on.




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