the total solar eclipse 日全食

“the total solar eclipse is one kind of very unusual phenomenon, in that several minutes, the sky brightness will drop 1,000,000 times suddenly, the temperature can fall suddenly suddenly. Moreover the total solar eclipse time is longer, the temperature drop is more obvious.”On May 31, academician, renowned astrophysicist Fang Cheng in the report said in “wonderful and the grand total solar eclipse”, on July 22 9:30 am our country Yangtze valley occurs the total solar eclipse time will be 5 to 6 minutes, at the appointed time estimated the local temperature will drop 15℃ to 20℃. it is reported that previous time appeared in the Yangtze valley total solar eclipse occurs in 1575, 434 years once more will welcome from now on only then the total solar eclipse, but the next time must wait till in 2309 only then to be possible to see. Fang Cheng said that the total solar eclipse occurs when the sky brightness will drop 1,000,000 times suddenly. Originally sun‘s position, will turn the dark disc, in an instant a world blackness. By now the night fell, a stars spot, on the dim earth the cool breeze blows gently, the chicken dog calls out in alarm is returning to own lair, sometimes in the sky bird also will lose automatic control crashes ground.when in addition, the total solar eclipse occurs, will also follow has unusually “the meteorological phenomenon”. Fang Cheng put out an overseas specialized inspection team the Turkish total solar eclipse to do in 2006 measures takes somebody‘s temperature said that when the total solar eclipse occurred, the temperature will drop suddenly, the humidity will increase suddenly. Moreover the total solar eclipse duration is longer, the temperature and the humidity change‘s scope is also bigger. He indicated that the total solar eclipse continues the time according to July 22, estimated when the time comes the temperature will plummet 15℃ to 20℃, the humidity will also increase many





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