My Idea of a University Arts Festival 大学艺术节之我见

There is no doubt that the arts festival enriches our college life an extracurricular activity. However, when it comes to what should be included in the arts festival, different people have different views. Some insists on performing arts, such as dances and dramas. Still others argue for the work of art like paintings and calligraphy. Personally, I agree with the latter and I strongly recommend that photographic works should be counted as an important aspect of the arts festival.


  My suggestion lies in the following two reasons. On the one hand, for he students who take photos, the photographic exhibition can stimulate them to discover the beauty that permeates our surroundings. As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder; such an activity will definitely foster sharp eyes of photographers to-be. On the other hand, for the students who appreciate the photos, they are given a shortcut to the beauty of the nature and the society. Maybe by this way they find the sense of the life and enjoy the life more in the future.

  In short, the photographic exhibition can get the students to discover and appreciate beauty. I believe that it is wise to involve the photographic works into the university arts festival. (大学英语作文带翻译 )







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