Should We Move to the City 我们需要搬到城市吗


With the widespread development of city, more and more people have high desire to live in the city rather than stay at the village. Gradually, a great many cities are experiencing difficulties which are nothing new change in the history of cities except in their scale. Some cities have lost their origin purpose and not found a new one. Have you ever considered the changes that are taking place and will take place in your city? Should we move to the city?

For one thing, a large or rich city is going to attract immigrants who want their children require advanced education which is the best choice. There are surrounded by the best equipment and teacher. What’s more important is the atmosphere. In the city, you can know much more than before.

For another thing, in order to follow the step of city, we may pursue the money blindly .Under this pressure our way of lifestyle of city, even our bodies, become radically changed. We will go through an identity crisis and endeavor to find out who we are and what our strengths and weakness are. Because we lake of good education in former days, we may lose the sense of balance.

Weighing up these two arguments, I don’t know which answer is the best. Maybe it depends on your family and their needs. Although more and more people in China no longer stay at village, I still hope the reality of life in the city is sweet. The cherished ideal of home has great importance for many people.(大学英语作文 )







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