The Good Side And Bad Side Of Living With others

The Good Side And Bad Side Of Living With others 和室友住的好处和坏处


Nowadays,as we live in school, we are arranged with other students to share a room. Living with roommates is school’s tradition, as Chinese old saying“when the forest becomes bigger, there will be all kinds of birds”. The more amounts of people means lively atmosphere and contradiction, it brings good and bad sides.

Living with roommates can bring students happiness and drive away the loneliness. When a student live alone, he will have no one to talk to, no one shares his sorrow and happiness, his emotions can not relieve. We are human beings, we live in a world that is full of people, we need to communicate with others, it is important and healthy for our minds. Communicating makes the world warm and harmonious, so living with roommates can make s student to learn how to get along with others.

While living with roommates also has negative side, contradiction may happen, students will argue with each other and the duty to clear the room is hard to assign. It is naturally that people will argue with each other when they live together for a long time, even our parents have argument sometimes, so if the argument is not solved reasonably, students will not live in a harmonious environment. As living in a room, everyone has the responsibility to clear the room. It is such a troublesome problem that some students do not have such awareness to fulfill their duty.


As a whole, living with your roommates brings positive and negative sides. As for me, I trend to support the good side, we need roommates, we can’t live alone, and we should share our sorrow and happiness with others.(英语作文带翻译 )






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