Should Universities Charge Higher Tuition

Should Universities Charge Higher Tuition 高校该收取更高的学费吗?


Great changes have taken place since the reform and opening policy, especially the rapid growth of economy. The average of Chinese salaries has been rising, so it is the expenditure of life. Nowadays, universities charge higher tuition fees because of the rapid growth GDP. Some people support the universities do this because the schools need funds to development; while others think it’s inappropriate to charge higher tuition fees because not everyone can afford it. As far as I am concerned, universities should charge reasonable fees so the excellent students can enjoy the advanced education in China.


For one thing, the higher fees can be great burden to the wage earners families. A college student will need 6000 Yuan each year on average, which means, the whole college fees will be 24,000 Yuan. It is not easy for a wage earner family to save such a large sum of money, they may be indebted. What’s worse, some of the students even borrow money from banks because their families can not afford it.

For another, facing the higher tuition fees, some of the students will give up university. Go to universities is the only way for poor students to change their fate. But the high tuition fees deprive their rights of education. According to the survey, half of the students come from remote areas, where have comparative lower income. The higher fees will be no problem for the rich second generations, but the poor second generations will drop out of school.

In a word, the higher tuition fees not only have great influence on the students, but also the development of our country. I think the government and the universities should take this into consideration. They should charge reasonable tuition fees, try to provide more chances for the youth and make sure everybody can have the right to go to college.(英语作文带翻译 )







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