Vote for Poverty 为贫穷投票

As all we know, universities offer scholarship to the outstanding academic students. And there is another policy for the students who are outstanding but with limited pockets. However, this policy has caused great controversy, because if someone wants to win the scholarship they must have to make a speech, which requires the current situation and family incoming of poverty. As to this policy, different people have different views.

Some people think this policy hurt the poor students’ feeling every badly. The poverty-stricken students who want the money supported from university are required to make speech in front of the whole class. They have to list the evidence that could prove their poor situation. Some of them even speak out the tragic experience in their childhood to convince their classmate to vote for them. People who against this poor-mouth speech policy hold the opinion that it makes a double hurt to the poor students, poverty already make them feel bad and they have to expose their poverty to everyone in order to get rid of poverty, which makes their life more sadly.

However, some people think that this kind of speech policy would help the poor students not only in the poverty but also could gain the faith to fight for their poverty. People cannot choose the family they were born into, but they can always choose their future, so if they want to get out of the current situation they have to face it first, and be not afraid to fight for it. No pain no gain.(英语作文带翻译 )


Weighting up there two arguments into account, I am for the former one, the scholarship seats are limited, and the number of poor students are large. Most of them are ended up with nothing. Hence, the policy should be changed.







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