How Does Cellphone Change Our Life 手机如何改变我们的生活

We live in a world with high-tech products. Cellphone has been part of our life, it gets updated very fast. Unlike twenty years ago that cellphone is owned by the adults, but now even a kid is equipped with a cellphone. This high-tech product changes our life. It brings convenience to our life, but at the same time, the over use of the product let us miss something from our life.


Cellphone indeed facilitates our life. We can keep in touch with our friends any time anywhere instead of making an appointment. We can make new friends through QQ, getting knows what our friends are doing right away. Before, if people miss their family, the first thing they do is to write a letter and send it home, but now, they just pick up the phone and call their parents, they can catch them immediately. How efficient the work is.

While the phone brings convenience, it does harm to people’s life to some extent. Today as cellphone’s function has been fulfilled, people share message from many ways, like QQ, blog and so on. People like to paste pictures on the social online world, they like to catch friend’s attention, so they take pictures as long as they want to. If a girl goes out for dinner, the first thing she does is to take a picture of the food instead of enjoying the food. Too much attention on the cellphone distracts people’s focus on the enjoyment of life.


Cellphone brings positive and negative effect to our life, we should make use of it to facilitate our life, at the same time, we keep focus on the enjoyment of real life, not the Internet world.(英语作文 )






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