Kua Fu in the Modern Society 现代夸父

I believe that every Chinese people are familiar with the story of Kua Fu, it says a braggadocio who miscalculating his strength, conceived the vain ambition of overtaking the fleeting rays of the sun, he died in the middle way because of thirst. This story tells us that people should not be ignorant of one’s strength or doing something beyond one’s ability. However, there is an alarming amount of Kua Fu in modern society.

Why someone will become Kua Fu? I believe that one of the main reasons for this question is that we had been educated to be confidence in all kind of circumstance. Remember what our parents and teacher said to us when we were young? “You can do that!” “You got it!” “You are the best!” I didn’t mean that praise and encouragement will lead to arrogant, but when we judge a kid, a pertinent evaluation is fine, if we praise them blindly, it will make children understand their own ability mistakenly.

Another reason is that young people in nowadays are eager and willing to undertake anything risky. Unlike the old style, people usually will not do something unless they have more than 80% success rate, but now, less than 50% is acceptable. The hunger for success makes people wrongly estimate their strength.

In short, people should understand their ability, don’t attempt to do something far more beyond one’s ability. A successful challenge would add luster to life, but it only happen to the person who are fully prepare and admired power and ambition. (大学英语作文 www.lyy5.com )



为什么有人会变成夸父?我相信这个问题的主要原因是因为我们一直被教育在任何情况下都要充满自信吧。还记得我们小时候父母和老师跟我们说过什么么?“你做得到的!” “你能行!” “你是最好的!”我不是说赞美和鼓励会造成自大,但是当我们评判一个孩子的时候,中肯地评价就好了,如果我们盲目地赞美,会让孩子错误地估计自己的能力的。




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