Say no to the Government Corruption 向政府腐败说不

Recently, it’s quite common to hear the news that the government’s key officials were found guilty of accepting bribes, abusing personal power and thus being put into prison. Such news has aroused great attention from the public. Apparently, it’s really necessary to fight against corruption and reduce red tape. A clean government is the basic foundation for the steady and healthy growth for our country’s development.

First of all, to be a public servant should work diligently in an honest and clean way and abide by laws and regulations when performing his duties. He must remember that personal interests should put behind country’s interests. That’s the basic requirement for them. Any official who fails to meet the standard of these rules should be kicked out of the public servant forever. And the incomes and outputs of the governments should be examined by random. The daily expense of the governments must reduce to the minimized. (大学英语作文 )


Secondly, the public servants should remain themselves that their salaries come from ordinary people tax-paying. Tens of thousands people pay tax for the government’s daily expense as well as public servants and key officials’ incomes. If the servants abused their position power to gain benefits, they will receive punishment.

To reduce governments’ corruptions, what we can do is to strengthen supervision mechanisms, so as to publish corrupted officials and let them pay higher costs for their behavior. What’s more, we should take effective measures to put a limit on their power and prevent them from abusing power. Only in this way, we can have a clean environment.







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