Should Children Learn English 小孩是否应该在年幼时学习英语?

With the increasing of social competition, people pay more and more attention on the young generation. Especially their parents will take every means to help their children get prepared for adapting the society. Thus, learning English in a very young age becomes very common among little children. Some people agree with it, but some hold the opposite view. In my opinion, parents should not force their children to study English in a very young age.

To begin with, children in a young age should live happily, instead of gaining burden. Childhood plays a very important role in one’s whole life, because it takes up a part in his inner mind. A child having a happy childhood may be a sunshine boy, when he grows up. But a child carry a heavy burden in his childhood, he may be pessimistic in the future. And learning English in a young age is no doubt to deprive children’s happy childhood. How can they be happy to be enforced to learn something they don’t like? Grow up healthily is more important to a person.

Secondly, people should not forget their origin. According to the present situation, learning English is very significant, but learning Chinese is also couldn’t ignore. If a person can’t learn his mother language well, how can he make others believe he can learn other things well. So I think they don’t need to learn a second language in a hungry. They can learn English when they grow older.


To sum up, for the sake of children’s healthy grow up, the adults should not force them to learn English in a young age. Learning English can wait.(英语作文 )








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