On Leadership 关于领导


    What is leadership?Its qualities are difficult to define. But they are not so difficult to identify.

     Leaders don ‘ t force other people to go along with them. They bring them along. Leaders get commitment from others by giving it themselves, by building an environment that encourages creativity, and by operating with honesty and fairness.

    Good leaders aren‘ t”lone rangers. “They recognize that an organization‘ s strategies for success require the combined talents and efforts of many people. Leadership is the catalyst for transforming those talents into results.

    Successful leaders are emotionally and intellectually oriented to the future–not wedded to the past. They have a hunger to take responsibility, to innovate, andto initiate. They are not content with merely taking care of what‘ s already there. They want to move forward to create something new.

    Leaders provide answers as well as direction, offer strength as well as dedication, and speak from experience as well as understanding of the problems they face and the peopie they work with.

    Leaders are flexible rather than dogmatic. They believe in unity rather than yielding. And they strive to achieve agreements out of conflict.

    Leadership is all about getting people consistently to give their best, helping them to grow to their fullest potential, and motivating them to work toward a common good. Leaders make the right things happen when they‘re supposed to.

     A good leader, an effective leader, is one who has respect. Respect is something you have to have in order to get.A leader who has respect for other people at all levels of an organization, for the work they do, and for their abilities, desires and needs, will find that respect is returned. And all concerned will be motivated to work together.(英语作文 www.lyy5.com )



什么是领导?领导应具备什么品质很难下定义,但这些品质却不难辨认。    领导不强迫他人追随自己,而是带领他们前进。领导通过自己承担义务从而要求他人承担义务。此外,他还营造一个鼓励创新的环境,并诚实公正地对待他人。    好的领导不是“孤胆骑警”。他们认识到一个组织的策略的成功是许多人的智慧和努力的结晶。领导才能是把智慧转化成成果的催化剂。    成功的领导者,从情感和理智上都着眼于未来而不是过去。他们渴望承担责任、创新和开拓,他们不满足于仅仅保持现状,他们要前进,要创新。    领导人给予指导和解答,拥有力量和献身精神,他们从经验及对所面对的问题的理解和对合作者的了解来说话。    领导处事灵活,不因循守旧。他们相信统一而不是顺从。他们力图在冲突中达成共识。    领导艺术是推动人们尽显其能,帮助他们充分发挥他们的潜能,使他们朝着一个共同的目标而奋斗。领导者在需要的时候能做出正确的决断。    一个好领导,一个奉有成效的领导是尊重他人的人。要得到他人的尊重必须先尊重他人。一个尊重各级员工,尊重他们的工作、能力、愿望与需要的领导会得到他人的尊重.


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