The World Forest Day 世界森林日

In 1971, the Spanish naturalists suggested that we should set up a day to call on people to protect the forest and make the full use of it. Then the representatives of the naturalists from all over the world decided that March 21 is the world forest day. In some countries, this day is also deemed as the tree-planting day. After 4 decades, the world forest day is more than a day to call on people to protect the forest, making people realize the relations between human being and the forest is also the aim of the forest day.

It’s generally accepted that the forest has the functions of cooling off the global temperature, refreshing the air, preserving soil and water, protecting the nature links and so on. The forest is also the key to solve the severe environmental problems. In American Indian’s cultural, the local people believe that the forest raise up the sky. If the forest disappears, the sky will collapse, and the living beings would die out. With the rapid development of human society, the forest coverage rate is decrease. While the demands of the woods and papers products keep increasing. It can hardly meet the needs of human beings. Everyday, countless trees are cutting down to make various paper products. In order to make more money, people destroy the forests, and there comes different kinds of problems. For instance, soil erosion, global warming, glaciers melting, and sea level rising. The forest is so important to this planet. We should do something to protect the forest.(英语作文

First, stop cutting down the forest blindly. If we really have to, plant more trees. Second, the government should do something to enhance the people’s awareness of forest protection. Last but not least, we can reduce the use of paper, such as avoid using disposable paper goods. Protect the forest is to protect ourselves. Without the forest, we can not live on the earth either.






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