How to Avoid Indirectly Death 如何避免间接死亡

We never know which one comes first, the death or tomorrow. Unexpected things happen every day, sometimes are good, and sometimes are extremely miserable. For instance, tsunami, violent earthquake, car accident. Those tragedy can make people lose their live in a flash. However, their family member and the one they love will suffer the unimaginably painful. Some of them will commit suicide to end this life, which we called indirectly related death.


The first thing we need to do is adjust mental attitudes when we lose someone we love. Most people don’t want to accept the reality that their lover were gone forever, they don’t want to keep awake to suffer the painful. Therefore, they drink alcohol to get themselves numb, so that they don’t need to face the truth. But too much wines will hurt their body, which might cause some illness to death. What they need to do is try something can divert attention from painful, like go to trip or doing sport.

Second, some people are extreme, they think they can’t live anymore without their lover, they will leave everything behind and commit a suicide. Those type of people are mentally weak, they can’t go out of sadness, hence, their family members should pay more attention to them. Before they can have a brighter outlook, one of a family member or friends should be with them to avoid them to hurt themselves.


 As has been noted, lots of indirectly related death can be avoid. We need to look for a bright side, but not to the dark side. People should take care for each other when they fall on hard times. If indirectly related death happens, miserable life will never go away, it will only get worse.(英语作文带翻译







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