Ambition 雄心壮志

Ambition is a strong desire to propel one to final success in career or other meaningful endeavors.Just like Epstein has artistically put it,“And as we decide and choose, so are our lives formed”,ambition renders motivational support for an individual and leads him or her to the real meaning of life. Therefore, I cannot agree more with him in regard to what ambition is and how it functions in one’s life.

Like the pole star, ambition remains steady and ever bright over one’s life horizon. There is only one secret for success, that is, to go in the direction your goal calls you towards the destination. It is ambition that serves as the guiding principle for a life experience. Without ambition to strive for, we would be justified to remain idle all year round as long as we are fed and keep alive. For instance,a student who dreams of being a political leader appears active in students’ union and extracurricular activities. He works hard, though no one asks him to, at sociology, psychology, law and so on, those sciences highly expected of a politician. It is his ambition that drives him to study hard and take the most advantage of his time at school. So by exercising his ambition at school, he is paving his way for the future. In contrast, poor-performance students are often those without a clear-cut vision for their future. That is why helping students with goal setting are supposed to be a task for all educational practitioners.

As a conclusion, ambition more often than not acts as strong motivation and orientation for a person’s ultimate dream. With it or without it, our life will be formed accordingly. So for a more fruitful end of our life in this world, we all should think and rethink about our ambition. (大学英语作文 )






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