Should we go to the cinema to watch movies?

Should we go to the cinema to watch movies?     是否该去电影院看电影?



Nowadays, people like to go to the cinema to watch movies. They think the big screen and the incredible sound is a treat. Somehow, I think go to the theater to watch films has a lot of disadvantages. Sometimes, these shortcomings even overwhelm the pleasure of watching movies.

First, when you on your way to the cinema, you may stick in traffic jam and cannot arrive on time. If you make it, you may have problem of finding a parking spot. As you know, not every cinema has enough places for you to park. The time you have wasted on the road can do different kinds of things. If you choose to stay at home to watch movies, you don’t need to worry about these problems. You’re not only saving your precious time but also parking fees and gas.

Second, you may have to stand in line for hours just to buy yourself a ticket. It is annoying. If the tickets have sold out, you will wait another day. Sometimes you succeed in buying a ticket, but it was not the best seat. You might seat just in front of the screen or in the last row. When you’re watching the movie uncomfortably, you will be regret that you have made the wrong choice. Maybe you should seat in your own sofa to watch.

Last, the atmosphere of the theater is not always as good as you think. People around you allow eating anything they want, which means they will make a lot of noise while they’re chewing. What’s worse, you may seat next to the person who talks on the phone while you try really hard to listen to what the actress says, or a young couple who seat behind you happily discuss about how the movie will end. This is annoying, isn’t it?


Due to these reasons, I think people should reconsider whether it worth to go outside to watch a movie, while we have the condition to watch at home. The problems and the hazards can be avoided if we choose to stay at home. Thus, it’s more convenient and comfortable to stay at home to watch movies.









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