The Problems That Big Cities Exist 大城市存在的问题

Every year, tens of thousands people crowd into the big cities to seek a decent living, a better job, a faster and more exciting life style. Take Beijing as an example, according the least research, the population in Beijing is more than twenty millions, and of 40% of them is not local. With the rapid growth of urban population, these big cities have many problems on their own.

The first problem is with more and more people flooding into the cities, the cities infrastructure such as public transportation, hospitals and school, can hardly meet the people’s need. The streets are full of private cars, traffic jams can be encounter at any moment. The hospitals are full of patients because the doctors are not enough. The housing price is extremely high that most people can not afford one with their whole life salary. It seems that the cities are on the brink of breaking down.(英语四级作文

The second problem is the nature environment of cities. The air pollution, fresh water shortage and noise pollution are worse than ever. In order to have more space to build skyscrapers and infrastructure, trees are cutting down and lakes are land filling. The endless flow traffic makes harsh noise that people even can not sleep well at night. What’s worse, the fog and haze is surrounding the cities, the children can not go outside to play, the people have to put on breathing masks if they go outside. The air of the cities is unbreathable to some extent.

There are also other problems, the crime rate. As competition intensifies, some of the people can not find a job, thus they do some illegal things to make a living. Such as, robbing, stealing, even murdering. We can learn from the news that not a single day passes without the reports of somebody being kidnapped or being murdered. Walking alone at night makes people really nervous.

All these problems make cities not as attractive as before. Some of them even move to the countryside. If we don’t fix these problems, the cities will break down sooner or later.








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