Lady Gaga’s Success Lady Gaga的成功

If you love music, then the name of Lady Gaga must be familiar to you. Lady Gaga is the world famous female singer, she is from America. She is well known by her dance songs and her dramatic dressing styles.The young are crazy about her, her great success is not gaining by chance.

Lady Gaga is popular by her creative dressing styles. The traditional popular female singers are thought to be the image of the sweet girls, who are good-looking outside. But you can’t find nothing like the sweet girls in Lady Gaga, she always dresses like the monster, her styles are exaggerating, which helps her win numerous fans. Today, people are chasing individuality and Lady Gaga’s image caters to this trend.


Lady Gaga is also talented in writing songs. Listening to her songs, you will have the desire to dance, her music seems to have the magic. Lady Gaga write her songs, in fact, before she get famous, she wrote songs for many famous popular singers.


Lady Gaga is successful because she is not only creative in her image, but the more important is that she is very talented(大学英语作文



如果你喜爱音乐,那么Lady Gaga这个名字你一定很熟悉。Lady Gaga是一位在全世界都很有名的女歌手,她来自美国。她的舞曲和戏剧性的穿衣风格使得她很有名。年轻一代的人为她疯狂,她的成功不是偶然的。

Lady Gaga因为她的创新造型而受到欢迎。传统的流行女歌手被认为是甜美女孩的外形,出众的外表。但是你在Lady Gaga身上找不到任何甜美女孩的痕迹,她总是穿得像个怪物,她的风格很夸张,这也为她赢来了无数粉丝。今天,人们追求个性,Lady Gaga的形象迎合了这个趋势。

Lady Gaga在写歌方面也很有才华。听着她的歌曲,你会有冲动去跳舞,她的音乐似乎有一种魔力。Lady Gaga自己写歌,事实上,在她变得出名前,她就为很多有名的流行歌手写歌。

Lady Gaga很成功,因为她不仅有着新颖的形象,而且更为重要的是她很有才华。

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