The Tree-Planting Day 植树节

When it comes to the tree-planting day, everybody knows it’s a day that call on people to plant more trees and stop cutting down trees blindly, but few people know the story behind tree-planting day. The tree-planting day was dedicated in the memory of Sun Yat-sen. Mr. Sun had always pay great attention to trees planting. In the year of 1914, he promulgated the first Forest Law in history. Then the government and the ordinary people started to plant trees in the spring. On March 12th, 1925, Mr. Sun passed away, in order to memorialize the great contribution he had make to our country, the government decided every year of this day is the tree-planting day(四级作文

In 2014, the slogan of tree-planting day is Embrace the spring, Sow the Green. Trees are so important to our planet. The naturalists compare the trees to human beings lungs. It’s true that trees take in the carbon dioxide and other toxic gas and give off oxygen which living beings lives on it. If trees were all cut down, the earth would be a disaster. First of it, the temperature will raising then the glaciers will melt. Thus the cities near the ocean will be flooded. Second, the trees are the habitat of many animals. When we cut down trees, we not only destroy animals’ habitats but also ourselves’. We just gradually destroy natural links. Last but not least, trees can prevent water loss and soil erosion; it’s the key to maintain the balance.
Trees are so important for living beings. Eighty nine years has passed by, we still marvelous at Mr. Sun’s foresight and wisdom that he knew planting trees and protect the environment is the foundation of developing a strong and wealthy country.





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