My youth, my heart

  Youth like the clouds that have not been ordered to wandering.

   Youth, such as fog, always occurs unconsciously.

   Youth rain, rain nourishing the heart –

  It is the kind of pattern. No one will know, the road in the youth the next second, what would happen. Youth – free, young, passion, is the envy of some more words.

  No social pressure, the pale jade-like clouds in the wind and float in the clear sky, do not be bound by the lines. Look at the color of the sky carefully clean of impurities, the same as blue as precious stones carved. Occasionally, the birds flying are so happy, there is a rise overlooking a quiet and peaceful mind, troubles, grief all be forgotten, leaving only a dream, no burden to bear, only the sinking, the free heart.

  Such as the introduction of reverie fog general, occur unconsciously, yet easy to become disoriented. Even so, the bright morning sun because of its overall appearance and gentle; small amount of dawn the total of its pure and transparent; heavy jungle and the total loss due to its quiet; gray mountain because of its sudden and floating. In short all of this, both because of its young heart of background become more beautiful.

  Rain, like rain, of, or torrential‘s. Like the dew of youth picked up in the years growing up in time for the United States, such as bead curtain again bit by bit like a veil like that resonate with the youth‘s state of mind, or like the sound in the intertwined with a dedicated youth rebellious symphony. However, in appreciation of beauty, while enjoying a taste of different conditions at the same time, mixed with annoying, so that the original of all have a passion for silent heart.

  After wandering several times, and want to – in the end result of what has become stronger.

  Is a free sinking heart?

  Is sinking, young at heart?

  Is a passion sinking heart?

 Walking in the alley of youth, the backs do not leave the dim candlelight, gray moon burning sacred eyes. No one knows where he would go, because rebellion is a young and frivolous, yearning innocence.

 We exudes youthful style, just because we have that belongs only to a youth‘s heart.

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