Diligence Redeems Stupidity勤能补拙

It is generally accepted that diligence is the mother of success. As the proverb goes, Diligence redeems stupidity. If you consider yourself is not smart enough, then you should make great efforts to make your dreams come true. In this world, there are many successful men in this world, some of them are scientists, some of them are superstars, and some of them are entrepreneurs. Behind their successes, they have made tremendous effort that ordinary people can barely imagine. Einstein once said, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspirations.” This means one should put all his heart on the thing he wants to succeed.


Kobe Bryant, one of the most famous basketball players in this world. In his whole basketball career, he has won five champions. He is considered to be the second greatest player next to Michael Jordan. Once a journalist asked him what his key to success is. He said: “Do you know what the sky looks like in Los Angles at 4 a.m.? I know what it looks like at every morning.” Practice makes perfect. Kobe devotes himself to his career and finally reaches his goals. You may call him lucky. But good luck only favors those who are always well prepared and hard-working people.

If you want to do something, just do it. Chase after your dreams fearlessly. Remember, diligence redeems stupidity. Hard working and persistent will perform miracles(英语作文 www.lyy5.com).




科比布莱恩特,这个世界上最伟大的篮球运动员之一。在他一生的职业生涯中,他赢得了5个总冠军。他被认为是仅此于迈克尔乔丹的篮球运动员。曾经一个记者问他成功的秘诀是什么,科比反问记者:“你知道每天早上4点洛杉矶天空的样子吗?我知道它每天早上4点钟的样子。” 练习让技巧变得完美。科比全身心的投入到自己的职业生涯中,最终实现了自己的梦想。你也许会说他只是幸运。但是,幸运只垂涎于那些准备充分和坚持不懈的人。




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