Using Your Mobile Phones to Learn English用手机学英语

Nowadays, mobile phones are quite popular among students. In fact, it is very convenient to use mobile phones for self-study. Here I would like to cite English learning by using mobile phones as an example to demonstrate such a convenience. 

First, use your mobile phone to practice your listening skills as much as you can. There are a great variety of resources about English listening over the internet and you can download some of them to listen to when you are in leisure, such as VOA, BBC, and CNN and so on. Besides, if you are fond of listening English songs, it is not a bad idea to download some of them to practice your listening skills and training your memory. In addition, English radio is also a good choice. 

Second, use you mobile phone to improve your reading. Instead of spending a majority of time in chatting and playing games, you can do some reading by using your mobile phones when you are waiting bus and other leisure time because there are a lot of reading materials available over the internet, like electronic books. If you can persist in doing some reading in English everyday, you will find your reading speed becomes faster and faster and you can understand English better. 

In a word, the benefits of using mobile phones to learn English are various and the above are just some of them. I hope that every one of you can make full use of your mobile phones to learn something useful(英语作文网  



首先,用手机尽可能的练习听力技巧。在互联网上有很多各种各样的关于英语听力的资源,你可以下载一些在空闲的时候听,如VOA, BBC, and CNN等。此外,如果你喜欢听英文歌曲,下载一些来练习你的听力技能、训练你的记忆并不是一个坏主意。此外,英国广播也是一个不错的选择。



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