Luck Numbers幸运数字

In China, many people believe that some numbers can bring good luck, while some are often connected with misfortune. For example, number 6 in China usually means “doing things smoothly”, number 8 means “make a fortune”, and number 10 means “prefect”. While the number such as 4, usually means “death” because its pronunciation is similar with the Chinese character Si. Therefore, the superstitious people will try their best not to choose telephone numbers or car plate numbers or door numbers which are contain with 4. And the people usually will not have their wedding on 4th. People believe those numbers have magic power, which can bring them good luck or bad luck.

In my humble opinion, I do not think these so-called lucky numbers can bring people good luck. Number stand for nothing but quantity. They are only some arbitrary symbols used for communication. Our ancestors created numbers for counting, not for luck. People believe number 8 can bring good fortune is only because the pronunciation of eight has almost the same sound of “fa cai” in Cantonese. The ironic part is the people who choose the number on purpose do not always make big money, while the people whose telephone numbers or car plate numbers contain 4 do not kick their buckets. Shakespeare said, “If we call a rose by any other name, it would smell sweet as well.” This means there is no connection between sound and meaning. So it’s no good to believe that number has something to do with the luck(英语作文带翻译

To sum up, we should believe in our personal ability instead of so-called lucky numbers, as a proverb goes, “Man proposes, God disposes.”





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