Thanksgiving parents 感恩父母

Only in the baby from crying wah-wah, that we invoke the first words whispered parents learn to walk the first time to walk small foot staggering along. The first time carrying a bag to school, the first test scores back, the first from their parents … … maybe you‘ve never noted this many times in the first, in the growth of this long road to the parents how much to pay into the How much love. Every time you smile, every success, and even failed every time, every mistake in the minds of parents will never forget, to accompany you around, give you the support of silence … …

We come from? To hear this issue, I am sure you will say that parents bring us up in the world. Yes ah, the day thirteen years ago, our parents with tears, smiles and happiness to greet our arrival. We came to the world from the moment that many parents have a heavy work – to take care of us. Although this is a heavy burden, but the baby‘s “Wah-Wah” bring to the nursery, we grow up, parents spend much of the effort and sweat, how many days and nights weaving, parents have no complaints.

Small, I always love their parents as a matter of course, because I do not understand the hard work their parents do not know. Now, I grew up, and I know with a heart of Thanksgiving to appreciate their parents, should take care, the responsibility of your parents.

But how many people is to give top priority to the parents then? Some people always complain about their parents to do Oh, no, that does not, the behavior of parents and practices of selectivity, to accuse, or even directly contradict with their parents! Some people do not know their own physical health status of parents, parents do not remember their birthday, and some even their own parents in the work units which do not know, to think of it, parents pay so much for our energy and efforts ah!

When we are confronted with difficulties, to devote all of the people to help us parents.

When we are wronged, to be patient to listen to our cry of the people, are the parents.

When we make mistakes, we can not hesitate to forgive us, and parents.

When we succeed, would like for us to celebrate, to share with us the joy of the parents.

Now we are far in the field study, we remain concerned about their parents.

Life is not imagined as the perfect parents for their hard that we can not understand, although we can not live with their parents to share the hardships of a difficult start, but we can be less in their daily lives for their parents to worry about. When parents fall ill, we should be taking responsibility, taking care of their parents? To know that even if an interest in words, even a good hot bowl of instant noodles themselves, their parents, who will comfort the hearts of our anxiety in every possible way.

Thanksgiving heart of life is better, life is like a piece of white paper, with the heart of Thanksgiving, this paper will be pink. Thanksgiving embrace of life, the background paper is also pink, and will have a better life.

If today is my last day of life, we are the first thing to do is to return education to take care of me my parents! “The water-en, when the springs of newspaper.” Parents not to mention the efforts we have not just “drop”, but a vast ocean.

Thanksgiving, although it is an act of the verb, but it needs more action, more importantly, needs to be done in good faith. To put it simply, Thanksgiving is gratitude, gratitude from the heart.













假如今天是我生命中的最后一天,我们要做的第一件事情,就是报答养我育我的父母! “滴水之恩,当涌泉相报。”更何况父母为我们付出的不仅仅是“一滴水”,而是一片汪洋大海。


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