The Lantern Festival 元宵节

After the Spring Festival, here comes the Lantern Festival. In China, people celebrate it on the lunar calendar fifteen. It symbolizes the short rest has come to an end after the spring festival; people need to get back to work with their best wishes in the brand-new year. We all celebrated this festival with plenty of food and fun. The most important and traditional food on the Lantern Festival is Tang-yuan. With sweet and soft rice outside and peanuts or sesame inside, this little rice ball stand for the happy reunion, and the best wish for the whole families. Apart from having dinner with parents and relatives, there are also lots of activities on that day. The Lantern shows as well as guessing riddles are part of the Lantern Festival; and the most interesting part of the show is that the riddles are written on the Lantern. After dinner, the whole families go to the lantern fair, to enjoy the happiness in this moment.

In every city, there are always a main street known for its lantern fair, on that special day, the street will become as bright as daylight in the night with myriads of lanterns and streams of spectators. At this moment, the happiness in the heart is beyond all description. By watching various lanterns, eating sweet Tang Yuan, and hanging out with the people we love, thinking of the bright future in front of us. It’s worth everything.

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