Mandy Moore 曼迪·摩尔

  Mandy Moore: If I had my way, I would sit here all day and just talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. Well, I basical1y got started in show biz by the time I was about nine or ten. I saw my first play when I was six, totally hooked. The girl on stage looked like she was having so much fun. My parents kind of thought it was a phase I was going to grow out of, but by the time I was about nine or ten they were like, “All right, you‘re not giving up on this, “and they let me get voice lessons, you know to make sure that I was properly and I wasn‘t hurting myself. It was quite amazing you know to get that phone call to actually have the meeting and meet with somebody from a record label and it was very surreal.

  David McPherson(Musician):Her voice was just very commercial, I meant, you know some artists have different talents or different things that make them special. Mandy just have a very commercial tone in her voice and so when I heard that, that made me really interested in her.

  Mandy Moore: Hey guys, what‘s up? I’m Mandy Moore, Epic Records‘ new recording artist. I think people think that this whole industry is just really easy and it’s so much fun, and I love being an artist and performing live and you know everything that comes along with it. But recording is like, it’s so cool because you get to have all this creative control like how I want harmonies and how I want to do ad-libs and stuff like that, so it really made it seem, even though I didn’t write the song, that they were my own, because I got to pure a lot of myself into them, and I am there when they were mixing and mastering and writing the track. I feel like I just learned so much more about, you know, that goes into making a new artist and into making an new album. So I loved recording. It was very hard, I mean long hours anywhere from like 8 to 10 hours a day, and something got you know pretty stressful and strenuous just doing lines over and over and over again. But I remember something like, like for candy, the whole little speaking part in the middle, actually I penned myself. So I was quite proud of myself.






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