Control Your Emotion 控制你的情绪

You must control and direct your emotions not abolish them. Besides, abolition would be antimissile task. Emotions are like a river. Their power can be dammed up and released under control and direction, but is cannot be held forever in check. Sooner or later the dam will burst, unleashing catastrophic destruction.

Your negative emotions can also be controlled and directed. PMA and self-discipline can remove their harmful effects and make them serve constructive purposes. Sometimes fear and anger will inspire intense action. But you must always submit your negative emotions–and you positive ones–to the examination of your reason before releasing them. Emotion without reason is a dreadful enemy.(英语散文

What faculty provides the crucial balance between emotions and reason? It is your willpower, or ego, a subject which will be explored in more detail below. Self-discipline will teach you to throw your willpower behind either reason or emotion and amplify the intensity of their expression.

Both your heart and your mind need a master, and they can find the master in your ego. However, your ego will fill their role only if you use self-discipline. In the absence of self-discipline, your mind and heart will fight their battles as they please. In this situation the person within whose mind the fight is carried out often gets badly hurt.



你必须控制并导引你的情绪而非摧毁它,况且摧毁情绪是一件不可能的事情。情绪就像河流一样,你可以筑一道堤 防把它挡起来,并在控制和导引之下排放它,但却不能永远抑制它,否则那道堤防迟早会崩溃,并造成大灾难。

你的消极心态同样也可被控制和导引,积极心态和自律 可去除其中有害的部分,而使这些消极心态能为目标贡献力 量。有的时候恐惧和生气会激发出更彻底的行动,但是在你释放消极情绪(以及积极情绪)之前务必要让你的理性为它们做一番检验,缺乏理性的情绪必然是一位可怕的敌人。



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