My Views on Home-fear Group 恐归族之我见

In recent years, there are a group people who work far from their hometown and unwilling to go back to see their family appears, those people we call them home-fear group. Maybe in the eyes of ordinary people or even in their parents’ eyes, they are a little bit of cold blood, and unfilial.However, there are too much reasons to make a person to become a part of home-fear group.

In the first place, sometimes we come home to celebrate the Spring Festival is more tired than go to work. As a Chinese, we have all seen the transport during the Spring Festival, which is terrible. The train was a sea of people, the passengers have to squeeze each other for 5 hours at least. And when people at home, they still can’t have a good rest, there are endless dinner parties and visiting waiting for them, which is exhausted.


In the second place, for the people who didn’t earn too much money, celebrate Spring Festival could make them plunged into financial crisis. There is no doubt that they have to give red packet to relatives’ children, and with the improvement of material living standard, if your red packet is under 100 Yuan that could be an embarrassing thing. Moreover, the spending of all kind of classmate reunions could be huge.

As a consequence, we should blame less the home-fear people cold blood, and care them more. I believe extend the lunar New Year holiday and increase salary can be a good solution to reducing the number of home-fear group.(英语作文带翻译








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