A persons Valentines Day 一个人的情人节

Valentine‘s day, looking at one couple out the door, I really, very upset. Because mom and dad out the valentine‘s day, just put my soul in the home, my in the mind of course right away. More hate the, ssi cast me into the home was the reason for valentine‘s day, two men to eat western food specials, take me to spend a money. I was angry to mad. They also say, valentine‘s day with a child out is not like a lover. Alas, I had to stay at home.


I was at home is boring, just want to make a phone call for your mother a go out to play. But old mama had agreed, and then she actually said to me: “don‘t call me! I want to shut down!” Alas, forget it, and she said no, go out to play.

After I had found out and I like the fate of “NanYou”–and parents out the valentine‘s day, the child in the home the throw. I‘m and friends to play, a phone call, friends to say: “you go to call, we play first, saving you again to talk on the phone.” I haven‘t talk, they have play. I picked up the phone, so it‘s mother, she said, “hello! We come back at night, you first, food is doing porridge, no.” Say that finish will mow the phone, I have a secondary mad, and do not say first play of problem, is her out the valentine‘s day the calculate, come back to me that cooking. Alas–well, anyway, just for one day, do it well. I just do porridge, my friends called me: “feed! Play games bad you!” My heart was itching, he said: “you wait me 10 minutes to play.” I put a set of clothes, look at the pot, thought: ok, just to play. I will go on, and, behold, playing, forget time, until I come to think of it, just Shouting: “no!” Will run back to. Go upstairs and a look, over, porridge into rice crust. I worry dead, if mom back found, still must not scold me dog blood shower head! At this time, my heart had an idea, take out a big cardboard, top write: characteristics food, welcome to taste. And then put it in the rice cooker made the. And I took out my newly bought the cross embroider, the top painting with a heart, I but the cross embroider masters, embroidered quite fast, I looked at his watch, the distance from mom and dad back there are about seven hours, I completely embroider them all, I rapid embroidery, and after an hour later, finally finished with. I put it in the rope, hang from the ceiling, and I‘m happy to look at. Suddenly, I think, if I put the dishes do, mom cannot be angry. So, I‘ll do a the best of “persimmon egg soup”, and then do a lot of a lot of food, and I think that year but said “the cook king” river. I then and took a cardboard, write: valentine‘s day dishes. I think: this time can no risk at all. Look at my work achievement, I was very happy.

Mom and dad can be back again, and looking at hanging the cross embroider, look at my food, was very happy, but my heart is suspended for fear of mother saw “porridge” said I. As he had what I expected, old mama see after porridge said: “what‘s this? It or porridge?” The results I still be scolded, although scold also to scold, said also said, can this a pot with crispy Fried rice crust or can‘t throw ah, so, we sent the home “cabarete has one main spot cabarete has one main spot” chew with crispy Fried rice crust sound, the results we home two days of rice crust chew, chew teeth are sore. But mom or said: “ok performance, small award once!” Hey hey, but award to my hand, and will not “small award”, I to old mama to me the crush of new doll, old mama ao however I, have to promise. (英语日记 www.lyy5.com)


Hey hey! Although the valentine‘s day is lonely, but afterwards, as long as there is reward, the valentine‘s day a little lonely, value!









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