Pecos Bill 佩克斯•比尔

Pecos Bill is a cowboy hero of the American Southwest. He was the legendary inventor of roping, branding, and other cowboy skills. He also invented the six-shooter and train robbery and taught broncos how to buck.

According to legend, Pecos Bill was born in eastern Texas during the 1830’s. He used a bowie knife as a teething ring and played with bears and other wild animals. During a trip west, Bill fell out of the family wagon near the Pecos River in Texas. He became lost and was raised by coyotes. When Bill grew up, he had tamed all the wild animals in the West. He rode a mountain lion and used a rattlesnake as a whip and became known as the West’s king of beasts.

To win a bet, Pecos Bill once rode an Oklaoma cyclone without a saddle. When the great twister came, he gave a loud whistle, and every rattlesnake in Texas rushed up to him. Bill made them into a huge lasso. He threw the lasso into the clouds and it dropped right over the top of the cyclone. He held onto his lasso and managed to sit on the cyclone’s back. The cyclone could not shake him off its back. The cyclone to cry and its tears became rain. The rain fell so heavily that it created the Grand Canyon. Bill crashed in California, and the force of his fall created Death Valley. There are several versions of Bill’s death. In one, he laughed to death after a man from Boston asked him silly questions about the West.(英语故事带翻译 )








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