There  is a beautiful little village in the valley. It is my hometown. In the past, the  forest on the back of my home was green and the water was clear and the sky was  blue and blue.

There  were dozens of families living in the village, and the days were pretty good,  but when they did, the environment began to deteriorate. Say our river first,  she was now the dirty river, on both sides of the furniture factory, paper mill,  shoe factory in waste water into the river, with a flower for her not to slip  autumn coat, former aquatic plants and the fish disappeared, flowers, the  reflection of the river was gone. The wooden boards and the discarded bags were  trooped out on the water, while the people in the past were scurry and muzzled.  The stream is always scowling.

The  earth is our home, the beautiful environment is the premise of our happy life.  For the sake of our survival, I propose three Suggestions:

No  arbitrary discharge of industrial sewage, it is best to be able to deal with the  recycling.

Second,  the life garbage needs to be sorted and recycled for reuse. Call on people to  take good care of the environment and put bright warning signs in areas of poor  health.

Third,  supervision and administration of air pollution, especially the need to rectify  the smokestack within the time limit for those who are not standardized.

We  also have a lot of people around us who are so environmentally conscious that we  really want more people to be involved in the environment and make the  environment better.









With  the explosion of population in the world, more and more poisonous waste is  produced. As a resuit, a lot of rivers and lakes are polluted. In some areas,  the air also becomes dirty and harmful. Consequently, animals and plants are  endangered. And peopie's health is greatly affected.

Fortunately,  more and more people have realized the serious situation. Many countries have  passed laws to prevent the environment from being further polluted. People are  working hard to find ways to keep the earth clean: they treat waste gases,  protect water sources and purify waste water. Definitely, controlling the  increase of population is one of the most efficient ways.

However,  in future more efforts will be needed to win the battle against pollution, The  laws controlling pollution must be strictly enforced, And above all, attention  should be paid to the education of the people so that everyone will show his  concern about environmental protection

A  larger and larger part of society is expressing its concern about environmental  protection. Active in their concern, teachers and students hold specific  meetings to discuss environmental protection. Also, city planners take  environmental problems into serious consideration. And, though reducing  pollution can be expensive, factories often take every possible measure to do  their part. Many people are concerned and active because air and water pollution  affects everyone and makes it difficult for cities to survive and businesses to  make a profit.








Today  the quality of our natural environment has become an

important  issue. The world population is rising so quickly that the world has become too  crowded. We are using up our natural resources and at the same time polluting  our environment with dangerous chemicals. If we continue to do this, life on  earth cannot survive.

Concerned  people have made some progress in environmental protection. Governments of many  countries have established laws to protect the air, forests and sea resources  and to stop environmental pollution.

Still  more measures should be taken to solve environmental problems. People should be  further educated to recognize the

importance  of the problems, to use modern methods of birth control, to conserve(保存) our  natural resources and recycle(再循环) our products. We are sure that we can have a  better and cleaner place in the future.






Environmental  problems are becoming more and more serious all over the orld.With the  development of industry and agriculture,cars make great noises and give off  poisonous gas.

Trees  on the hills have been cut do n,and aste ater is being poured continuously into  rivers.

Furthermore,herever  e go today,e can find rubbish carelessly disposed.The hole ecological balance of  the earth is changing.

Massive  destruction of environment has brought about negative effects and even poses a  great threat to man's existence.

We  must face the situation that exists and take actions to solve our environmental  problems.

For  instance,ne la s must be passed to place strict control over industrial  pollution,the pub!ic must receive the education about the hazard of pollution  and so on.

We  hope that all these measures ill be effective and bring back a healthful  environment.







The  earth is our home and we have the duty to take care of it for ourselves and for  our later generations. Fortunately, more and more people have realized these  problems. Measures have been taken to cope with these problems by the  government. Laws have been passed to stop pollution. I hope the problem will be  solved in the near future and our home will become better and better.



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