The Blind 盲人

Every year 15th, October is the White Cane Safety Day. It is no doubt that it is a festival for the blind people. It reminds us of caring the blind. I want to ask you when you meet blind people, have you ever help them. Some people are born of blind and some suffer from accidents. In a word, they are different from our normal people. Their life color is black, without any light. Can you imagine what kind of life would be for the blind? So they need help to live better and need love warm their heart. The appearing of seeing eye dog is a good way to show our care for them. But when we see the blind, we still should help them incumbent. For example, when we see a blind person crossing the road, we should give our hand to him. When they drop things, we should help them pick it up initiative. Helping people in need is our Chinese traditional virtue all the time. Let us strengthen our awareness to help the blind! Make a world filled with love.(英语作文带翻译 )




每年十月十五日是国际盲人节。毫无疑问,这是为了盲人而设的节日。它提醒我们要关爱盲人。我想问当你遇到盲人的时候,你有没有帮助他们?有些人天生就是盲人而有些则是遭受一些意外。总之,他们和我们正常人是不一样的。他们的生活只有黑色,没有光线。你能想象一下他们的生活会是怎么的吗?所以他们需要帮助来生活得更好,需要爱来温暖心灵。导盲犬的出现就是我们向他们展示关心一个方式。但当我们看到盲人的时候,我们还是应该义不容辞地帮助他们。例如,当我们看到盲人过马路时,我们应该给予帮助。当他们掉东西的时候,我们应该主动帮助他们捡起来。帮助那些有需要的人一直是我们中国的传统美德。让我们加强帮助盲人的意识!营造一个充满爱的世界。 隐藏域

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