My View on Losing Weight 我对减肥的看法

When it comes to the standard of good figure, people have the stereotype, i.e., the slimmer, the better. Just open a fashion magazine, all the super-models are skinny. It seems that only a thin person can look good in a fine dress. So, more and more people, especially young girls, are joining the team of losing weight. However, I think losing weight blindly can lead to negative effects.

On one hand, losing weight blindly can cause eating disorder, low blood sugar and anxiety. Some girls are already in good shape, but they pay too much attention to their outwards appearance and spare no efforts to lose weight. In order to reach this goal, the young girls leave out breakfast; eat a little rice and some fruit at lunch, as to the supper, just few cabbage leaves and several bottles of water. They all forget that human’s body needs enough energy so it can function well. However, these young girls fail to realize this. They refuse to take meats or any other so-called gain-weight food. As a result, their bodies had suffered contortion due to malnutrition. Accord to the research, the person who loses weight improper is more easily getting fracture than others. What’s more, losing weight takes courage and determination. Not every losing weight girl has a strong will. You may hear her say that she wants to lose weight, and later you will see her eating junk-food because she is too hungry. Some of the girls eat nothing in the morning while take lots of food in the afternoon. Such behaviors can lead to eating-disorder. It’s really unwise to do so.(大学英语作文


On the other hand, doing physical exercise and eating a healthy diet is a wise way to lose weight. Eat three meals a day. Leave out the junk food, such as chocolates, bread which contain trans-fat, soft drinks, and so on. Try to eat more fruit and vegetables. Eating meat is not the main factor of gaining weight, but eating more.

Do not follow the trend blindly. You don’t need to suffer from your peers’ pressure just because they tell you that the thinner, the better. But one thing is true, healthy is the beauty.






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