The Importance of Roommate Relationships 舍友关系融洽的重要

Recently a lot of bad news about roommate in college was reported, like roommate was stabbed, roommate was poisoned, which have been a wake-up call for students to establish a good relationship with their roommates. In my point of view, I think is very important to maintain a good relationship with roommates. I have several reasons to support my point.

In the first place, good roommate relationships could help student not only in study, but in life. As we all know, if you are being nice to others, others would do the same thing to you, unless the one who don’t accept your attitude. In college, students need each other’s help to improve their study, it is teamwork. In dormitory, they still need each other, for instance, look after for someone when they get sick. If you are in a bad relationship with roommates, you are never going to enjoy the treatment.

In the second place, establish a good roommate relationship could help students to build a good personality. Children in modern times are spoiled mostly, they are always the princess or prince in the family. When they live in the dormitory, it’s hard for them to get rid of their bad temper, they still think others should be nice them, or they are hardly to notice they are mean to others, which is the main reason to cause roommate troubles or tragedy. If they know how to establish and maintain a good roommate relationships, they certainly will become the one who with good personality.(英语作文带翻译

Therefore, establish and maintain a good roommate relationships is very important. It is good for student’s study, life environment, and helping them to be a nicer people, what’s more important, lots of tragedy can be avoided.






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