A Wilderness Survival Program-一次野生训练

Saturday May 4, 2002 Cloudy


Li Ming and I took part in a wilderness survival program yesterday,which has become an unforgettable experience. Yesterday morning we wore strong and comfortable shoes, carried backpacks with the necessities in them and went to the mountain. We climbed a hill. On the top we saw a direction mark, which told us where to go. Down the hill, we came to a river. There were no boats but we had to cross it. Luckily, both of us had learned how to swim. But we shouldn‘t make our things in the backpacks wet. Seeing a piece of board, I got an idea. We put our backpacks on the board and swam in the water pushing the board. When getting to the other bank, with the compass we found north in which direction we walked half an hour. Finally, we arrived at the campsite. We set up a tent and made a bonfire. The two of us spent the night in the forest. We learned to use knowledge gained in classroom training to solve problems. It was quite an experience for both of us, which I‘ll never forget for the rest of my life(英语日记 www.lyy5.com ).



2002年5月4日 星期六 多云


昨天我和李明参加了野外生存训练,那成 了我一次难忘的经历。 昨天早上,我们穿上结实而舒服的鞋,背上装好必需品的背包,向大山进发。我们爬上一座山。在山顶,我们看到 了一个方向标,告诉我们该向哪儿走。下了山,我们来到一条河边。没有船但我们必须过去。幸运的是我们都学会了游泳。但是我们不能把背 包里的东西弄湿。看到一块木板,我有了主意。我们把背包放到木板上,推着木板在水里游。到了对岸后,我们用指南针找到北,向北走了半 小时。终于,我们到了宿营地。我们支上帐篷,生起篝火。 我们俩人在树林里过了一晚。 我们学会了用课堂上培训获得的知识解决问 题。这是我俩的一次特殊经历,我将终生难忘。

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