A touching friendship story happened in Vietnam

                                       A touching friendship story happened in Vietnam

Back in the old days there were three boys, Tung, Truc, and Mai. Each of the boys was from a different region in Vietnam and by chance they were brought together to study under the same teacher. The only thing the young men had in common was how poor each of them was.

Their families were dirt poor but the parents were determined for their sons to have an education. For that very reason, all of them buried themselves in their books so their family‘s effort would not go to waste. Somehow they became friends.

When they became friends, the boys swore together that later on in life if one of the three became successful, he would not forget the others and their time in poverty. He would also promise to aid the other friends out of the lower class.

After a while, due to family circumstances all three boys had to quit school; they went their separate ways. Tung was the first fortunate one to have his luck turn around. With a bright mind and perseverance, Tung was very determined to pursue his studies.

Tung became a servant for an elderly man named Nghe in order to continue his studies. The old man recognized Tung‘s potential and determination and supported him like a son. For the next few years, Tung studied and he was finally able to obtain Tien Si (a person who passed all three examinations held by the government). With the Tien Si, Tung became an officer in the capital city.

From that point, Tung‘s life picked up its pace, its speed turned into a whirlwind that no one could catch up with. Even though he now lived in luxury, Tung still remembered his book friends from before. One day, Tung decided to find his friends so he took a leave of absence.

On Tung‘s journey to find his friends, he dressed as a commoner in order to avoid disturbances and being hassled by the guard soldiers around him. It did not take him a long time to find Truc‘s house, one of his two best friends back in the old days.



曾有三个叫东(Tung),特吕克(Truc)和麦(Mai) 的男孩。他们来自不同的地区,但命运安排他们师从于同一老师。




为了继续深造,东为一个名叫纳喝(Nghe)的老人当仆人。老人看出了东的潜力和决心,像待儿子般的支持他完成学业。经过几年的苦读,东终于成为了“进士”(Tien Si)(注:通过了政府组织的三门考试的人)。之后,在首都当官。



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