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Learning to improve your focus throughout the day can be a little difficult, only because we are talking about 18 to 24 hours, depending on the number of hours you sleep. However, if we break down your day into manageable time frames, it would make it much more easier to learn to improve your focus.

Focus, or concentration, is a skill that can be taught, so there are some exercises you can do to improve your focus. Start with easy exercises like staring at a picture on the wall for a few minutes without moving or talking to anyone. Once you learn how to block out your surroundings, your focus will improve.

Many athletes require intense focus in their training and games. It isn’t enough to just practice your shots because when game time comes, the stress and tension can make on miss a shot. This is when focus comes into play.

Other mind exercises you can do is internalizing. This is when you picture yourself in a desired situation, and then you work around your picture. Actors do this a lot to block out laughter, noise, or other distractions. An example of this would be to imagine yourself in a potentially stressful situation, like a singer in a concert. Try to play out the scene in your mind what you would do if different scenarios were to happen. This can actually be a lot of fun, and you learn how to improve your focus by concentrating on one thing only.

If this sounds a little strange to you, you could try another strategy. Why not make lists. Make a list for the things you need to accomplish for the morning, another for the afternoon, and finally, another list for the evening. Study your lists carefully and see where you can move things around.

For instance, if you have a dinner to arrange that evening, don’t bunch up everything in the afternoon, right before the guests arrive. Divide your chores and errands between morning and afternoon, and give yourself an hour or two to relax before the guests arrive. Planning helps you focus. It will also not stress you out.

Another way to improve your focus is to take breaks. If children have recess and lunch as their breaks, adults should also allow themselves the privilege of stopping for a drink or a 30 minute sitcom on TV. Of course, if you are working in an office, you are allowed coffee breaks. Use this time wisely. Don’t spend it with your co-workers beside the coffee machine talking about problems in the office. Doing this would actually stress you and get you to lose focus on the things that need to be done. Your breaks should be as quiet as possible. Read a book, take a walk, or visit a daycare. Go and do anything that will give your brain a rest.

The reason why we lose focus so easily is because we have too much on our minds. Of course, it could also be because you are bored with nothing to do. An good balance between a too relaxed brain and an overly active brain are both undesirable situations to be in. Find your capacity to work, and try not to veer away to far from it on a daily basis. Improving your focus also mean knowing what you can do and being confident about doing it well.




情景模拟,是你能做另一种练习,即想象你在需要的环境中,徜徉在其中。 艺人们常常这样做,以屏蔽嘲笑者,噪音,和其他干扰。 例如,想象在一个有压力的环境中,你是在歌剧院舞台上的歌手,试着在你的意识里使歌剧一幕幕的进行。这当然会很有意思,你可以学习如何专注于一件事情。







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