International Women’s Day 三八妇女节

On March 8th, 1975, the United Nation started to celebrate the International Women’s Day. In China, the women’s day also called “March 8th”day. Why we celebrate women’s day? There is a long story.

On March 8th, 1909, the Women’s Union of Chicago demonstrated against the inequality between men and women. They demanded that they should have the same payments, the same working hours as men had, and they should have the rights to vote. They even put forward a slogan: Bread and Rose, which stood for equal payment and a better living standard. This demonstrated had caused international attention to the women’s rights. A year later, a critical meeting was held in Demark, in order to promote the women’s liberation and equal rights, the council members decided to establish the Women’s Day on March 8th. Then March 8th, 1911 just became the first Women’s day.

In our country, during the women’s day, the women usually have a day-off holiday. The communities or companies will organize the recreational activities such as a spring outing, a nice dinner and some extra welfare. On this special day, the women can really realize that a woman’s value is not only giving birth to a child, doing endless housework, but also find her own status in the modern society. That is she can make a different. She can do everything that a man can do. When you look around, you will find that more and more women are acting as scientists, doctors, lawyers, even leaders. Just try to remember, women rule half of this world. The life could quite different without their wisdom and beauty(英语作文大全

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