My View on Television 我对电视的看法

Step into the new century, television plays a very important role in people’s daily life. Some people believe that it is a blessing, while others argue that it is a curse to the society, epically to the teenagers. In my humble opinion, television has both advantages and disadvantages.

Television makes people realize what the rest of the world is going on. Before television was invented, people used newspapers, radio to spread the news. But none of this is faster than TV. If somewhere else is having an earthquake, we can know immediately. TV also makes our tedious life more colorful. As to those who retire, housewives, or kids who having their summer holiday, TV has been a good company. Turn on TV people can enjoy the latest films and programs without going to the cinema. It also offers specialized programs such as cooking, teaching, exercise and so on. It teaches us knowledge and broadens our horizon.

Just like each coin has two sides, television is no exception. It can be harmful too. Some of the programs are too violence for teenagers to watch. Fake advertising are full of mid-night programs. And some people complain that TV takes up all their free time, they don’t even have time to go outside for family reunions or hang out with their friends any more. Some of them are so indulge in TV that they become potato couch. Some people say that watching TV is a waste of time(四级作文

To sum up, we should hold the right attitude toward TV. We should use it in an appropriate way, shorten the time that we spend on TV, only watch the meaningful programs. Only in this way can we benefit a lot from it.








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