Drive on 接着走吧

1.Drive on


Seth Smith was reckoned the laziest man in town. Sotired had the authorities become of contributing to his supportthat they decided to consign him to a living tomb. Accordinglyhe was prepared for burial. The hearse was an old ramshacklecountry wagon. As the strange cortege moved along some old residentasked,“Who is it?” “Why,Seth Smith, who is too lazy to get anything to liveon, so we are going to bury him alive.” “I‘ll give him a bushel of corn,” said one.“And I will,”said another. Slowly raising his head, Seth asked:“Is the corn shelled,neighbor?” “No,you must do that yourself.” Gently replacing his head, he said:“ Drive on, boys,drive on.”



塞思·史密斯被公认为镇上头号懒人。长官们实在懒得再供养他,便决定把他送进一个天然坟墓里去。于是他被准备着去埋葬,灵车是一辆摇摇晃晃的乡下旧马车。正当这列奇怪的送葬队伍在行进时,一些老街坊问道:“这是谁啊?”“唉,塞思·史密斯,他懒得没法活了,我们这就去把他活埋。”“我来给他一蒲式耳谷子吧,”一个人说。“我也给,”另一个说。 塞思慢慢抬起头来问道:“谷子脱粒了吗,街坊?” “没有,你得自己来。”他缓缓把头放回原处说:“接着走吧,孩子们,接着走吧。”


2.One Side of the Case


A judge asked our group of potential jurors whether anyone should be excused, and one man raised his hand.
“I can‘t hear out of my left ear,” the man told the judge.
“Can you hear out of your right ear?” the judge asked. The man nodded his head.   
“You‘ll be allowed to serve on the jury,” the judge declared. “We only listen to one side of the case at a time.”




3.I have just been married


Workman:“Mr.Brown,I should like to ask for a smallrise in my wages. I have just been married.” Employer:“Very sorry,my dear man, but I can‘t helpyou. For accidents which happen to our workmen outside thefactory we are not responsible.”



工人:“布朗先生,我想请您给我加一点工资。我刚刚结了婚。” 雇主:“非常抱歉,老兄,但是我无能为力。对工人在厂外发生的事故我们概不负责。”


4.It‘s no use


The New Baby Mr.and Mrs.Taylor had a seven year old boy named Pat.Now Mrs.Taylor was expecting another child. Pat had seen babies in other people‘s houses and had not liked them very much,so he was not delighted about the news that there was soon going to be one in his house too. One evening Mr.and Mrs.Taylor were making plans for the baby‘s arrival.“This house won‘t be big enough for us all when the baby comes,”said Mr.Taylor. Pat came into the room just then and said,“What are you talking about?”“We were saying that we‘ll have to move to an other house now,because the new baby‘s coming,”his mother answered. “ It‘s no use,”said Pat hopelessly.“ He‘ll follow us there.”



泰勒夫妇有一个七岁的男孩,名叫帕特。现在泰勒太太正怀着第二胎。 帕特在别人家看见过婴儿,他不太喜欢他们,所以他对自己家里也将有一个婴儿的消息感到不满。 一天晚上,泰勒夫妇正在为这个婴儿的降生计划做安排。泰勒先生说:“有了婴儿,我们的房子就太小,不够住了。” 帕特恰好在这个时候走进屋,他问:“你们在说什么?”他的母亲回答说:“我们在说我们现在得搬家,因为婴儿就要诞生了。” “那没用,”帕特绝望地说。“他会跟我们到那儿去的。”


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