clean our soul 清洁我们的灵魂

Almost everyone is waiting for something. Therefore, we are looking forward to time’s flying quickly so that the day we are longing for can come soon. Time flies away without anything left in this way.


  If you are required to throw away 100 yuan every day, you will not do it. But you are often throwing away a more precious thing, time.

(英语小故事带翻译 )

  Suppose you are 35 years old now. if you can live up to 80 years old, you still have 45 years to live, a total of 16425 days. If you throw away 100 yuan per day, you will throw away over 1.6 million finally, which can only afford a house in Beijing. But you will feel reluctant to do it.

  But now your life only keeps 16,000 days, and you often waste them by tens a time, only to wait for someday to come. You live through everyday in confusion, thinking what you should do in the future. Not only do you meet the end of your life will you come to realize that you have wasted your whole life. Similarly, what bothered you yesterday is not only allowed by you to enter your dream, but also becomes the first thing you consider the next day once you open your eyes.

  When your heart is fully covered by dust, world will dim away accordingly.

  We will often think of our happy childhood and blame our society and family for our tedious life. Actually it is not true. No matter what era human beings live in, they tend to be happier when they are young, for the reason that humans like carrying everything of the past with them all the way, which bars them from focusing the present authentic world.

  For a child, it is exciting to see a monkey in the park, see pedestrians in the street, eat and drink, go to school and go back home. Every little scenery is fresh to him, for he does not put some obstacles of the past between his heart and the outside world.

  Assume that you can still live like a child without anything. Then your choice may be different every day. Assumes that you have no identity, status and property, then everyone around you means a lot to you and every meal is delicately delicious to you as if you have never touched it before. You will view everything with an appreciative sense and feel amazed at human’s intelligence for creating so many beautiful things.

  Putting down the burden of the past and cleaning your heart totally, you will feel a different new world. Maybe it is easier said than done. But you can regard your everyday sleep as the end of your life and think that you will not get up any more once you fall into sleep. It is done by some monks. They will put their bowls upside down, which means they cannot see the bowl any more. It is not a total assumption, for you will never know when the death will befall.

  If the next day you can still wake up, then you should treat yourself as a newborn baby. You will stunning discover that everyone is very kind. A baby has no revenge. Every chirp of birds and every blooming flower is thrilling to you, as you did not hear singing and see the flower before.

  We should learn to clean our soul, or our life will never light up.














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