A butterfly love 蝴蝶的爱情

There was once a placid and beautiful town in which there were a couple of lovers who would often stay together on the top of the mountain enjoying the sunrise and by the sea appreciating the sunset. Everyone who knew them could not help envying them and praying for their happy love.

But one day, the man was severely injured and lying in bed in hospital for several days without any consciousness. The woman guarded him by the bed in daytime, calling his name relentlessly while at night, she would go to the church and pray to God until her tears ran up.

A week passed by and the man was still sleeping. The woman pined away drastically, but she still persisted. One day, the God was finally moved by her love and persistence and would like to do her a special favor.

The God asked her, "Do you really want to exchange your beloved's life with yours? The woman answered without the least hesitation, "Yes." The God said, "Alright. I can help your lover recover quickly on the condition that you should promise to be a butterfly for three years. Do you agree with the deal? She said excitedly and firmly, "Yes, I do!"

The next day, the woman became a beautiful butterfly and said goodbye to God, flying hurriedly to the hospital. It turned out that the man came to his consciousness and waked up, talking with a doctor. She could not hear what they were talking about because she could not fly into the house. What she could do was watch her beloved through the windows helplessly.

Another spring came at the blinks of eyes and the butterfly was in a hurry to fly back to see the man, only to realize that there was a pretty lady standing by him. At that moment, she was so shocked that she almost fell down from the sky. She could barely believe what she saw and other people's discussion about it.

People were talking about that the man was seriously ill during Christmas and that the pretty and cute female doctor took good care of him and that finally they fell in sweet love. The man seemed to be as happy as before…

The butterfly felt heart-stricken. In the following days, she often saw the man take the woman to the top of the mountain and enjoy the sunrise with her. Also the man would take to the woman to the seaside and enjoyed the sunset together. The butterfly knew that all these should have belonged to her, but now they belonged to another woman. She could do nothing but rest on the man's shoulder off and on.

On the last day of the third year when the deal between the God and the butterfly was almost over, the man held a wedding with his girlfriend. The church was crowded with people. The butterfly flew into the church quietly and rested on the shoulder of God, listening to the man's oath to the bride and seeing him put a ring on her finger and kiss her sweetly. The butterfly could not help shedding her tears sadly.

God also felt sad and sighed to the butterfly, "Do you regret for what you have done?" The butterfly cleaned her tears on the face and said, "No." God felt a bit relieved and said, "Tomorrow you can become human again." But she shook her head and said, "No, I want to be a butterfly for the rest of my life……"(英语故事带翻译 www.lyy5.com)















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