Is the Space is a Huge Waste of Money? 太空探索是不是浪费钱?

Nowadays in the world, superpowers are investing significant amount of money in space technology. Hundreds of space vehicles have blasted into space: first satellites, then spaceships and now space shuttles. Some people hold the opinion that the advanced space technology is a symbol that stands for the power of a country; we should support the development of it. Some people just wonder: what are the returns of these billion-dollar investments? As far as I concern, the Space is a Huge Waste of Money for the following reasons.

First of all, the space race has done nothing to relieve the agonies of millions of people who are suffering from serious disease, poverty and wars. Some countries just want to explore space in order to maintain their status quo. They think the more space launch into the sky, the more power a country’s have. For centuries human beings have been playing many different power games: wars, cold wars, allies, nuclear armament, and the space race is just an extension of the race for power on earth.

Secondly, after so many years of exploring, the scientists still haven’t had any breaking though. It is unlikely that they will be able to find a suitable planet that human can live on it. The money we had invested on the space is countless. But until now, we still don’t have a satisfy outcome. It feels like a man buys a very expensive cloth at the cost of selling his bed. Thus, we should consider human basic needs first.

In summary, the space race is a waste of money, even if we finally find a suitable planet, is still impossible for human beings to move to that planet. We should pay more attention to the current needs of the world today, only in this way, our world could be better, our life could be better.(四级作文






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