The Spring Festival  春节

When you ask the people around you, what is the most important festival in China, I guess 99% of the people will say the same answer, the Spring Festival. There is an old story about Spring Festival. It is said that the monster, named Nian, will attack people from time to time. In order to drive it away, people have to light up firecrackers and put some Red paper on the front door and window at the last day of the Chinese year. Luckily, the monster, Nian, is afraid of the sound of the firecrackers and the color red; dare not to come any more. In order to memorialize this day, our ancestors decided that the first lunar calendar day of the Chinese Year is the Spring Festival.


During the Spring Festival, all the member of the family will get together on the eve to have a big dinner. Fish, apple, noodle, dumplings, poke, chicken, candies and so on are indispensable on the table. Fish stands for wealth and rich of the coming year, apple stands for doing things smoothly, noodle stands for good health and long live, as to the others, they all symbolize for the lucky and happiness of the coming year.

Children are the happiest ones during the Spring Festival, not only they can have lots of companies but also they can have lucky money on the festival. With the lucky money, they can do whatever they want, such as to set off the firecrackers, wear new clothes, use their lucky money to buy the things they want; this is the best part of the Spring Festival, isn’t it?

The Spring Festival is not only means the beginning of the brand-new year, but also carrying the best wish of the people’s. We are hoping in the New Year our wish will come true, our life will become better. Anyway, the most meaningful thing of the Spring Festival is that we spend the time with the family, the people we love and we know that’s all about.(英语作文带翻译







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