every day is a new leg of lifes journey每天都是生命的新旅程

    Life is often compared to be a long journey everyone has to start and finish one way or another.I find there is little to say about today for I have been

incredibly exhausted with the heavy workload my boss assigned to me the last day.But when I consider the fact that I have greatly improved my speed of typing

,such happy feelings keep welling up in heart . Yesterday evening I waited for bus 210 at the yamei mansion stop ,I felt it might be the worst and meanwhile

the most exciting day in my life .But now I only think my harsh and mesmerising days are just looming on the horizon before me.It is the best of times, I can

never disregard winston churchill‘s time-held wisdom —attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference!Sometimes I cannot refrain from thinking about

things irrelevant to me ,whereas from the perspective of philosophy, all the world is interwined together ,so I cannot deny that the necessity for us to

care more. On the world‘s most insanely overloaded bus , no one seemed to be less hostile. Especially young people who have never in their life believe that

how worse off we have degenerated since the introduction of pubic transportation in china.Speaking of the current traffic situation in xi‘an , an image

conjures up in my memory that the  government  allow passengers to sit or even stand on the top of  the bus and trains .How innovative they are. for some

people like me , it does feel better to choose the top than the terrible stuffed in-side of bus 210.


I find for the time being people are actually less happier than before, because when you carefully observe people around me it is not hard to sense those sad

eyes, angry puffs and rude language .

The question is whether it is imperative for each of us to present them with our smiling faces in the face of less happier people .Emotion like a vaccine is

a god given gift to eradicate ailments in the seemingly harsh world , so let‘s inject positive signals with our smile into the world for the sake of others .

We are here to cure rather than contract others and that‘s the purpose of god to make us, be you a believer or not .We are human but we should live above mere being like animals, which is the criterion that sets us from lower beings.











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